Shows at Graton Gallery

It’s summertime, and Graton Gallery (a beautiful gallery in Graton, California, north of San Francisco) is holding art weekends featuring various artists. Last weekend Pam Lewis and I shared this opportunity to show paintings in conjunction with Art at the Source.

I sold the painting “Lone Rower,” one of my favorites. I will be working on a body of river paintings later this summer.

If you missed the show last weekend, the gallery is keeping a number of my paintings till July 4, so stop in and take a look.

Speidel painting of woman in red on an easel in the sculpture garden of Graton Gallery
"Secrets" in the sculpture garden

Kayak rower early morning on the Petaluma River
"Lone Rower," early morning on the Petaluma River

6 paintings at Graton Gallery held till July 4
Paintings shown till July 4.

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